We are the Council For Resilience Education, or CRE. We are a science communication student organization here at the University of Nebraska- Lincoln dedicated to the increased understanding of ecological resilience and its application. Ecological resilience is a framework for conceptualizing change in ecosystems, social systems, and more. This concept transcends individual disciplines and seeks to provide ways to understand and strategize responses to change in both natural and human systems.

No matter your background or whether or not you've ever heard of ecological resilience, we would love to have you join. All that is required is some scientific curiosity! We are a science communications group utilizing diverse multimedia strategies to educate on a topic we are all still learning about ourselves. We are actively seeking members from the natural sciences disciplines, communications and mass media, journalism, graphic design, and truly any field imaginable. Science communication is interdisciplinary, and so are we.

We have a number of finished products available for personal education and for teaching the concepts of ecological resilience in classrooms available in the "Our Work" tab above.

We are also seeking to start additional "nodes" of CRE at other universities. Reach out if you're interested!

Come see what we're all about and get your work published online to the benefit of your fellow students!