Below are examples of some of the directions we take when designing educational materials to teach the concepts of Ecological Resilience and its relate ideas. Included are the roles that you might hold in each project. You can join any pre-existing project, or anyone is welcomed to suggest and lead a new project team! We have roles for students in biological or natural sciences, political science or public policy, computer science, journalism and mass media, graphic design, and beyond. Come get your work published!


  • Our bread and butter: encyclopedia-style articles on the core ideas surrounding Ecological Resilience!
  • Everyone in the group contributes to these in some way or another whether through research, writing, or editing.
  • A fantastic way to get involved in our core work and have your name published on articles that will be used in UNL classrooms and beyond.
  • See some examples in the "Our Work" tab.

In-Class Exercises

  • Design in-classroom activities to teach the concepts of Ecological Resilience!
  • Write instructions, create instructional videos, or design interactive data sheets to visualize the results of these in-class activities.
  • Use your graphic design skills to design booklets for both student and teacher instructions that can be disseminated to classrooms throughout UNL.

Case Studies

  • Write case studies from your particular area of expertise and demonstrate how nearly every field can benefit from resilience thinking in the way we conceptualize and solve dynamic problems.
  • Design charts, graphs, and appropriate graphics to simply explain scientific concepts to non-science audiences.
  • Participate in brainstorming and editing of other case studies.


  • Aid us in writing, producing, or editing our new podcast!


  • Scour the internet gathering up all of the already published work on Ecological Resilience and its related concepts.
  • Create a compendium of resources for beginners and experts alike on Ecological Resilince.
  • Promote the work of other great scholars online and aid your fellow CRE members in research for their writings!

Social Media

  • Help us manage our Facebook, Twitter, and this website right here!
  • Create and edit posts in any medium of your choosing: written, audio, or visual.
  • Support our mission of getting the core tenants of Ecological Resilience out to as many students and professionals as possible, creating and disseminating an easily accessible and digestible mental model for global change and dynamic systems.


  • Keep up with the day-to-day bookkeeping, scheduling, or run for election to become the President, Vice President, Secretary, or Treasurer of CRE.
  • Help us grow! We are currently in talks to expand CRE to other universities, and you can help a new potentially inter-university student organization expand.